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Keep the information on your monitors Private, while you step away from you desk for a short period without having to lock your computer and enter a password to gain access on your return.




Keep Private will distort your screen while you step away for a short period and limit use of the keyboard and mouse. On return it will be instantly available without the need for a password.


By wearing a magnetic iButton and connecting a cable while at your desk you will have full use of your computer. Once the cable is disconnected the screen is distorted so that the content is unreadable.





Technical Details


iButtons have manufacturer assigned unique 16 character codes making no two iButtons the same anywhere in the world. Communication between the iButton and the Computer is carried out using 1-Wire communications.


iButtons and 1-Wire communications were developed by “Dallas Semiconductor” which is now known as “Maxim Integrated” and are used widely in security and environmental monitoring applications.



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